How do you picture out a corporate event? Is it a somber affair where suits meet to look over spreadsheets and mark up a white board with displays of advertising brilliance? It can be. However, it can also be a lively, colorful marriage of networking and strategically planned entertainment. In addition, more and more frequently, organizations are utilizing a photo booth to boost the success of their company events.


Whether you are a rock star, a shoe manufacturer, or a charitable organization, your business needs to get itself into the public eye. Companies host events to bolster their community support, employ fundraising for a cause, build brand recognition, or ideally, all of this should be achieved under an umbrella of geniality in an atmosphere of revelry.


QWEWQEWQE As this service gains momentum, options are becoming more varied and tailored to individual needs, and prices are becoming more competitive. Photo booth rentals range in price from five hundred dollars for a basic, no-frills package, to two thousand dollars for a frilly, bells-and-whistles ordeal. Some variables that affect pricing are the size of the event, the duration of time the photo booth is required, and special features that the company would like to include.

Say Cheese! Photo booths Are A Flashy Good Time

The instinct to be the center of attention runs strong through our media-saturated society. Photo booths appeal to the vanity in all of us. They offer fulfillment of that drive, as well as a lasting memory of an event; a captured, immortalized moment. Costumes, foam props, and special effects such as unique backdrops, GIF enabled photos, entertaining green screen technology, and custom logo watermarking are often available to enhance the experience.

The (Highly Visible) Invisible Brilliance Behind the Fanfare

In today’s market, social media presence is essential, and many photo booth services come with the option of automatically uploading snapshots from an event to selected online campaigns, websites, or social media platforms. Additionally, custom logo or graphic branding on photo strips send each participant (potential networking possibility, campaign backer, vendor, etc.) home with a visual reminder of the photo booth’s hosting corporation. The photo booth itself can also come wrapped in a custom design to highlight a pre-selected company graphic.

So, the next time you see a photo booth at a party, remember that its purpose may go well beyond fun. In addition, the next time you are looking to host an event, remember the immortal potency of the visual image. It may well be worth the monetary expense to create an everlasting keepsake for your guests. Whether the medium of the finished product is tangible, virtual, or both, its impact will most likely transcend the powers of the most well-written speech, and nobody will complain that they had to sit through it.