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Interview avec Hartzine; Who are you Electric Voice Records?

“S’il est une géographie politique, économique et diplomatique, un prisme musical, imparfait et déformant, se superpose à celle-ci à mesure qu’internet se massifie. Les centres névralgiques restent peu ou prou les mêmes, tandis que certains pays aspirent littéralement une attention autrefois dévouée à d’autres. À l’échelle du globe, inutile de dire que le Canada, fort de sa diversité et de son goût pour l’expérimentation et l’innovation, tire bien plus qu’une seule épingle du jeu qu’un hexagone perclus d’inhibitions. De la même façon que certains hissent Portland (lire) dans les cimes créatives étasuniennes, rivalisant d’inventivité avec Big Apple et son fief brooklynois, d’aucuns ne pourront contester la vitalité d’une scène musicale montréalaise, le plus souvent nichée à mi-chemin entre marginalité, radicalité et filiation. Electric Voice Records, label instigué depuis deux ans seulement par Matt Samways, en est une de ses plus pures émanations, à l’image de Fixture Records, Arbutus, Hobo Cult, Divorce Records, Los Discos Enfantasmes… et ce, même si celui-ci œuvre depuis Halifax, aux confins de la Nouvelle-Écosse. Partageant un même DIY intégral que certaines structures déjà évoquées – de Free Loving Anarchist (lire) à Skrot Up (lire) – Matt, par ailleurs membre d’une tripotée de groupes, dont le dernier en date, Transfixed, semble ne pas faire les choses en vain, poursuivant une sorte de dessein en creux de ses aspirations musicales. En témoigne l’éclectisme de ses sorties, de l’égérie lo-fi U.S. Girls, à l’onirisme synthétique incarné par Monroeville Music Center ou Chevalier Avant Garde, en passant par la légendaire verve no-wave de Jeff & Jane Hudson dont il sera question plus loin. En prémisse d’une ample compilation disponible début mars – et disponible par ici en pre-order – Matt, en plus de répondre à nos quelques questions, a eu la gentillesse de concocter une mixtape commentée et téléchargeable ci-après. Suivent deux chroniques en guise d’introduction à un univers et une esthétique musicale plongeant leurs racines au plus profond d’une interconnexion entre l’homme et la machine, à savoir le moment où l’homme se sert de la machine pour s’exprimer, mais aussi pour transcender ses émotions.”

Aussi cette vidéo : Colours – In The Summer (Electric Voice Compilation 2012) dans Hartzine

COLOURS ~ In The Summer from Toto Vivian on Vimeo.

Electric Voice Compilation will be available for pre-order on Thursday, March 15. It is to be released April 8th on a limited edition of 500 2LPs and 500 cassettes. Here is a preview of the artwork & track-list.

A1 “Dutch Me” Ariel Pink & R. Stevie Moore
A2 “The Stand” Jeff & Jane Hudson
A3 “Always (Beau Wanzer Adjustment)” Soft Metals
A4 “Panties” HTRK

B1 “A Que Quieres Jugar” Femminielli
B2 “Ikabe” Automelodi
B3 “Transparency Part III” D’eon
B4 “Machine Speak” Innergaze

C1 “Flight 777” Jef Barbara
C2 “Transparent” Passion Party
C3 “She’s a Mask of You” Pink Playground
C4 “For Phaedra” Chevalier Avant Garde
C5 “In The Summer” Colours

D1 “Oxy Love” Rape Faction
D2 “Neanderthal Man” Grand Trine
D3 “Multitasker” Catbag
D4 “Coldest Lips” The KVB
D5 “Colored Lights Part II” Horrid Red

#EV017 U.S. Girls “Rosemary b/w Sed Knife” 7”

Preorder here

“Rosemary b/w Sed Knife” 7”
#EV017 LTD 300 black vinyl

A Rosemary
B Sed Knife

“Here comes US Girls resurrecting puzzled memories. Nostalgia to be unsure of, or maybe days lost behind thick shadow. Something is bubbling to the surface, but why is it happening? Strange, this is innocent melody at drift on waves of tape disintegration. She’s a one woman call and responder dialing up minimalist lines and beats. A loner. And of course, these two jams are crooned so hard and with such ease that we fall deep within the emptiness on either side. This is music with plenty of space for being dissolved, and sure, it could even be the gift of an inner door that opens on and on.” Pigeon Row

Electric Voice & Skrot Up present;


Split cassette from Montreal groups Chevalier Avant Garde & Rape Faction. A polarizing pair which shares a lush and ethereal elements while creating industrial transgressions using synthesizers and drum machines. This is a split release w/ Danish label SKROT UP

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Rape Faction are going through a transformation, this is their last release under the moniker Rape Faction —- stay tuned for BLUSH.

Rape Faction’s “N-Child”
“N Child” RAPE FACTION (Cass., 2011) by Electric Voice Records

Chevalier Avant Garde’s first full length LP “Heterotopias” is available now from Skrot Up HERE
Also included is the music video directed by Heather Rappard for Chevalier Avant Garde’s “Can’t Tell” from their split.

Can’t Tell—— Chevalier Avant Garde from heather rappard on Vimeo.


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Also now in print is the first single from my group Transfixed. Some words from Darcy Spidle & a music video for the A-side directed by Heather Rappard.

TRANSFIXED “Physical Demands b/w General Purpose” C6

“Pleased to be circling the posthuman era predicted decades ago by their vocoder wielding forbearers, Transfixed carry on the futurist tradition, aiming to transcend human emotion through analog technology. There has to be something more than this blood and bone bag in which we are trapped. So let it happen. Allow our ‘simple desires’ to be replaced by ones and zeros; perhaps then we will begin to control our own evolution. Is that what’s going on here, or is it actually a warning coming from that oddly familiar robot voice? Hardly matters when all that’s left to remind us of our old bodies is the occasional sleazy sax line and some old-fashion pop sensibility. Unlike their musical ancestry, Transfixed revel in the golden age, and so they are only here to send a message: Despite our existential resistance, the long awaited transformation, so often predicted via the computerized-human song, has already taken place.” – Darcy Spidle

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PHYSICAL DEMANDS CASSETTE VERSION from heather rappard on Vimeo.

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Jeff & Jane featured on SELF-TITLED Daily Visit the site for a free download of the single “In My Car”

EV035 JEFF & JANE HUDSON “In My Car + Computer Jungle b/w Club Mixes” 12” Single (PRE-ORDER)

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“In My Car” JEFF & JANE HUDSON by Electric Voice Records

$10(CDN) + $12(CDN – International Shipping Rate) = $22 PPD Pre-order now before price marked up for retail!

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“In My Car + Computer Jungle b/w In My Car (Club Mix) + Computer Jungle (Club Mix)” pre-order available now, coming as a 45RPM 12” vinyl single. Ships by November 10th. This single features two, brand new unreleased songs from classic Electro Pop husband & wife duo, Jeff & Jane Hudson, as well as “Club Mixes” of both tracks. In 2011 Captured Tracks and Dark Entries teamed up to re-release a deluxe version their debut LP, “Flesh” (1983) featuring tracks as well from “World Trade EP” (1980) + single material. Jeff & Jane are renowned as one of the most innovative and compelling bands of the “Synth” Movement in America in the early 80’s. Featuring drum machines, synthesizers and the occasional slash of guitar, they created music with both emotion & complexity. Conceived from the remains of their late 1970’s punk band the Rentals, the duo left Boston, MA for a new exploration in the New York No Wave scene in 1980. They hold the honor to open for bands like PIL, Suicide, Siouxie & the Banshees, Duran Duran, Fad Gadget, Lydia Lunch and Sonic Youth. After thirty years, the married artists’ are still together happily making music and enjoying a retired career in Video teaching at the Mass MoCA, as well as managing a vintage art & deco store on campus. We are pleased to present this material for pre-order. If you are interested in acquiring this single for your distribution company please contact me at for wholesale prices. Orginal Artwork by Jeff Hudson. 1st pressing of 500 colored vinyl.

Read this short interview conducted by Troy Ritcher

When you were first involved in the the punk movement in the 70s, did you feel it was apocalyptic? If not in the sense that people thought the world could end but that society was already falling apart? Were you expressing your reactions to waking up and finding yourselves in this kind of world?

J & J- Yes! It was a tough time, post Vietnam, hippie days over, urban mess. Reaction to failures of institutions, bloated corporate music. Also a place for artists to perform.

What was the most fun about the Jeff & Jane project in the 80s?

J & J- Playing all the clubs, Hurrah, Danceteria, Mudd, Tier 3, UK Club, Ritz, Spit. Opening for PIL, Siouxie and the Banshees, Fad Gadget, Suicide, (James Chance and the) Contortions, Lydia Lunch, Sonic Youth.

I saw on your website that you are also interested in things like photography, painting and video art. Has there been any common thread that has stayed with your expression across these different mediums throughout the years?

J & J- Jeff says systems approach to painting and computer music. For Jane the poetics of older technologies ( film, photography) and psychological lyrics.

Can you tell us something about your shop Hudson’s? Do you have fun with that?

J & J The shop is about recycling, Be Green, Buy Vintage. We get to enjoy lots of old American production as well as supporting contemporary art.

After the release of your record of new material on Electric Voice, do have plans to perform again?

J & J A few select dates. Sometime soon at Mass MoCA, maybe Boston or NYC.

Jeff & Jane Hudson official website

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Jeff & Jane NYC 1980