Cliff Dwellings., EV Tote Bag, New Site, Automelodi and more...

We have been absent throughout the year after a long and disheartening winter, though we are happy to launch a new site and some new releases. The subsequent edition to the Topographic Symbols Editions, Cliff Dwellings. is now in our hands and ready to ship. All mail order up until this point has or is being shipped by the end of the week, aside from the Automelodi - Surlendemains Acides LP which the plant says we will have by the beginning of next week after a painfully long wait.

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A limited edition of 50 hand crafted tote bags designed by Alyson Samways is also now available in store. Designed with 100% cotton canvas with clear vinyl siding panels which enables you to read the LP spine, the bag holds 30 LPs. This product will not be reproduced.

EV Tote Bag with Clear Vinyl Siding

EV066 Electric Voice tote bag that holds 30 LPs, designed by Alyson Samways with clear vinyl siding in order to see the spine of your LP while you are DJing or what have you.

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