Automelodi - Métropole sous la pluie video + interview in Noisey

New video from Automelodi with accompanying interview here at Noisey

"It's a good time to be into minimal synth music, with bands like Oppenheimer Analysis getting their due, and labels like Dark Entries re-issuing classic records and introducing new bands. What are you excited about currently?
Not necessarily “minimal” synth music actually. I’ve recently re-discovered my interest for a certain wave of Japanese composers who were doing very interesting work around the time the first digital sampling systems such as the Fairlight CMI became available. Sakamoto is obviously the most famous example here but there were many others. There are also newer bands doing exciting music: Montreal’s Essaie Pas and Nouveau Zodiaque, Ottawa’s “Violence” or Berlin’s Keluar... As a musician, I never really cared about whether my productions should sound either “cold” or “minimal”, and I can sense that common trait with these aforementioned artists. Beyond the fact that we’re all using analog electronics to a certain extent, the main idea is to develop a personal sound which is not (in my opinion) strictly based on sonic experimentation, but also dependent of a certain human element and lyrical atmosphere"